Cut and Wrap

The process: reducing block sizes down then packaging into retail and food service size portions (4oz – 6lb).  All of the products in this line are packaged using vacuum packed shrink bags.  The bags are available in many sizes, shapes, colors and can be printed on directly as an alternative to using pressure sensitive labels.  Most products can be shrunk using hot water, which gives the product strength and makes it more visually appealing.  For delicate products, we can use hot air to shrink the bag.

Examples of products: feta, blue cheese, colby jack, pepper jack, gruyere, baby swiss, aged swiss, muenster, gouda, edam, fontina, havarti, aged gouda, manchego style cheese, English products (stilton, cheshire, gloucester, cotswold, huntsman), queso blanco, quesadilla, cheddar, mozzarella, smoked gouda, smoked cheddar…and many more.

Crumbled Cheese

The process: crumbling cheese then filling and sealing into retail packaging (4oz-16oz).  Depending on the product, we have many different packaging options.  For blue mold products, we may want to use a film or lid material that is highly breathable to maintain the color of the product.  For products that are best without oxygen transfer, we use barrier plastics and might use a Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) method. 

Examples of products: feta, blue cheese, gorgonzola.

Cold Blend Cheese Spreads

The process: blending cheese products with fruits, beers, wine, flavors to attain a product ideal for our customer’s application.  All formulas are created in house and can be customized to incorporate customer specific raw materials and flavor/body profile. 

Packaging types: MAP (7oz-14oz), round deli cups(7oz-32oz), food service tubs (5lb-10lb) and bulk 40lb blocks

Examples of products: most products start out with either a cream cheese base or our award winning cold pack cheese food base.  From there, the options are limitless.  From a garlic and herb spread that can be used for stuffed mushrooms and topping sandwiches and steaks to a cold pack cheese food that incorporates a wine from local winery that wants to sell other items in their shop containing their favorite product.

Custom Packaging

We have a network of injection mold and thermoforming companies that give us the capability to fit the application required.


  • 42-3/4oz pieces of cheese in a MAP container
  • A single serve packag with 3 types of cheese, crackers, dried fruit and a food pick total weight pr package of 3oz.