Family Fresh Pack was founded in 1995 located in Belleville Wisconsin.  

The vision was to start a specialty cheese packaging facility that would focus on value added dairy products. Most small to midsized cheese factories could not afford to have state of the art high-speed packaging equipment. The first production line installed was a Cryovac 8300 line. This line focused on cutting bulk cheese into retail cuts and vacuum packaging them.

In the first few years, Family Fresh Pack quickly established two new product categories; crumbled and shredded cheese in cups and savory cream cheese spreads. The three core focuses have developed over the years, but still exist as the three base product categories. By utilizing trim cheese from the cut and wrap production line, the cup line and spread line were able to reduce the impact of byproducts on the cut and wrap line.

In the following years Family Fresh Pack began adding other packaging and product lines including  Modified Atmosphere Packaging, cheese balls, logs and cold pack spreads. During this growth, we got to a point where we needed to expand our production space. An opportunity presented itself in mid 2006 to purchase a closed down cheese packaging plant in Monticello WI.  This allowed for an additional 20,000 ft to the already 13,000 ft that FFP owned in Belleville. 

Prior to the move to Monticello we contracted to purchase a new machine to produce our modified atmosphere crumbled packages to increase our capacities as this was one of our fastest growing production lines. 

We look forward to continue to grow all of our product lines and meeting our customer’s needs and demands.