Application for employment

General Production / Packaging Opening – 2nd shift

Pay: $12.25

Hours of work: 4:00pm to 2:30am Monday through Thursday *

* Friday OT potential based on customer needs.



  • Follow safety procedures
  • Follow food safety guidelines
  • Clean machines daily
  • Accurately filling out production paperwork and signing off where appropriate
  • Communicate any machine problems with supervisor
  • Communicate with team members in a positive manner
  • Follow instructions with eagerness to learn more in order to become a valuable member of our Family Fresh Pack team

Job Objectives

  • Ability to stand, bend, squat, reach, twist, lift up to 30lbs for 10 hour shifts
  • Ability to work in an environment of 40 degrees
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment
  • Ability to adapt to an ever changing environment with flexibility is a must
  • Good hand eye coordination is a plus

Family Fresh Pack is hiring for a Sanitation Supervisor!

Application for employment

Hours: 10:00PM – 6:30AM Monday through Thursday, Friday hours may be flexible*

Job Objective

Optimize cleaning and sanitization of all production lines and facility areas by managing personnel and materials.  Execute the cleaning and sanitization schedule and make modifications when necessary.  Monitor the organization and cleanliness of the facility.  Manage all personnel in the department to obtain high levels of safety, organization, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Reporting Relationship

You will report to the Production Manager for execution of the sanitation schedule.  The Food Safety Team will work to assign tasks as needed as well.

Job Functions

The general goal of this position will be to ensure a safe working environment, build teamwork, increase cleanliness, and increase employee morale in order to efficiently run the shift.  These goals should be attained for the sanitation department by measuring their success and making continuous improvements to the team and process.

Specifically, the responsibilities are:

Food Safety

  • Ensure a food safe production and sanitation environment through following policies and procedures and enforcing through auditing and training
  • Enforce GMPs on all plant premises
  • Follow HACCP plans as well as policies and procedures to meet SQF level 3 compliance
  • Ensure sanitation quality and efficacy through process improvements and training
  • Any environmental positives or presumptive positives should be addressed quickly through short term and long term corrective action

Personnel Safety

  • Enforce safety policies and procedures
  • Ensure personnel safety through audits and training
  • Perform daily walk through for a visual inspection of the work area looking to identify unsafe acts and/or potential hazards
  • Investigate any accidents or near misses and implement an appropriate corrective action for future prevention

Cleaning, Sanitation and Personnel Scheduling

  • Produce daily schedules for personnel based on daily needs and the weekly master sanitation schedule (PIC and PEC)
  • Maintain an employee proficiency tracking chart to ensure adequate cross training
  • Ensure adequate training on all production and sanitation equipment for all new hourly employees
  • Monitor daily production in order to execute the cleaning  plan with maximum efficiency
  • Communicate daily with employees on the work assignments for the day, the goals, and the plan
  • Diligently examine sanitation reports for accuracy at the end of each shift
  • Hold weekly sanitation meetings with staff
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the sanitation department through audits and inspections, including training competencies
  • Ensure proper concentrations are being used during cleaning processes

Process Development

  • Participate in the sanitation process development to help determine feasibility and efficiency changes for the cleaning and sanitation aspect of the company
  • Work closely with production personnel to ensure an effective startup
  • Identify opportunities within current processes to increase efficiency and lower costs
  • Assist in continuing development of work instructions both general and process specific
  • Prior to products reaching full scale production, ensure that processes and controls are defined and personnel are well trained to ensure first time success

Human Resources

  • Enforce work rules in compliance with our employee handbook, personnel policies, and our collective bargaining agreement
  • Demonstrate positive leadership qualities that are aligned with company values and philosophy
  • Document disciplinary corrective action when needed
  • Assist evaluation of probationary employees and reevaluate full time employees at annual reviews
  • Coordinate the training of new employees, transferred employees, and cross training for employee education and flexibility when possible\

Customer Service

  • Keep order fulfillment rates high through effective cleaning thus minimizing product quality holds
  • Compile and send reports regarding output, and equipment issues to the Production Manager, including all corrective action taken and preventative measures
  • Report equipment and building problems and opportunities to the maintenance department
  • Work with shipping and receiving in keeping the storage areas organized and clean

Key Performance Indicators         

  • DART rate
  • Environmental testing results
  • Completion of administrative duties